03 November 2003

Issue Intro: BiblioTech is Born

Welcome! You are viewing the first issue of BiblioTech, a student webzine by and for the students of the School of Information Resources and Library Science. BiblioTech was conceived of following a short email sent to yours truly with a link to Marginal Librarian, the student webzine of McGill's library school. In this email, said student fantasized about a hip, witty, intelligent online forum by and for SIRLS students. She implanted a thought in my brain, and then it grew and started kicking [ow]. With the help of my editors and contributors, the idea grew to full-term and can now officially be called "my baby."

The [working] name of this webzine, BiblioTech is meant to evoke our commitment to diversity. The word "biblioteca" in Spanish means "library," and one of the greatest strengths of our school is the way it recognizes the perspectives of Hispanic and Native American communities. The "tech" part speaks to the fact that we recognize the importance of technology in our field, whether we like it or not! [Unfortunately, we later found out that this name is quite popular in the library community, and we desperately need an original title! Send your ideas to echadd@u.arizona.edu and the winning title gets a free LSO t-shirt!]

My gratitude goes towards all who made this happen - the Library Student Organization, the editors, and especially the contributors. I look forward to many more issues to come . . .


Lori Ito Hardenbergh
Web Editor, BiblioTech

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