01 February 2005

Issue Intro: First Issue of 2005!

Welcome to the first issue of BiblioTech of 2005! There have been a few changes around here, including the creation of LSO's official BiblioTech Editor position. The two of us were elected to be co-editors, and with twice the woman-power behind the scenes, we are hoping to publish more issues this semester than ever! This is your chance to be heard, so please send us submissions.

We have some great articles for this issue, including movie reviews, an internship experience, and a local library profile. There is also an article about how to be an effective LSO social coordinator from the people who know what it truly entails. We want to thank all the contributors for their great articles. We couldn't put out BiblioTech without them- keep them coming!

Hope you all enjoy this issue of BiblioTech. If you have any problems with the site or any suggestions to make it better, please let us know.


Erica Hanke and Monica Bafetti
Editors, BiblioTech

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