01 March 2005

Issue Intro: A Note From Your Editors

Welcome to the new issue of BiblioTech! This issue truly shows the variety of topics covered by our SIRLS community. Articles for this issue address such diverse issues as library anxiety, censorship, cataloguing resources, as well as fun book and movie reviews. We want to thank all the contributors for their great articles. We couldn't put out BiblioTech without them- keep them coming!

This issue also brings us the happy news of Erica Hanke's impending graduation! She is sad to be going, but looks forward to many interesting library adventures in the future. [Look for her in the library world at large and don't forget her when it's time to network! -Monica]

Hope you all enjoy this issue of BiblioTech. If you have any problems with the site or any suggestions to make it better, please let us know.


Erica Hanke and Monica Bafetti
Editors, BiblioTech

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