12 October 2009

Special Libraries Association – UofA Chapter

By Jacy Bell

The UofA Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is one of three SIRLS student organizations. We are officially recognized by the national Association and report to them annually. As with the other student groups, we coordinate professional development, networking, and social events, in addition to organizing tours with non-traditional library and information environments. If you’re interested in corporate, rural, or tribal libraries; special collections; archives; or museums you should consider becoming involved with our chapter.

Ways to become involved include attending club meetings and functions, becoming a member, and becoming an officer. You do not have to be in Tucson to participate! We are coordinating events outside of Tucson this fall in addition to providing podcasts and holding our meetings online through Breeze. Also, all officer positions can be held by a distant student except for Vice President/Treasurer due to money handling. It definitely looks great on your resume! There are currently two open offices: Events Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator. Please see our constitution on our website for office descriptions and duties. If you are interested in either position, please email uastudentslagroup@gmail.com.

The goals of our Student Chapter are to:
· create a better understanding of special libraries
· encourage students to not limit themselves to traditional roles, and ensure that students know the value of the SLA in achieving and continuing their professional goals
Benefits of membership include:
· participation on our listserv, where you will receive information about scholarships, awards, and job postings
· networking opportunities with professional special librarians
· the opportunity to set yourself apart from other library students entering the profession by showing future employers that you understand the importance of organizational involvement through your membership support
Membership is $10 per year or $15 for the entire time as a SIRLS student. Unfortunately, our student chapter membership does not include membership to the national SLA.
Fall 2009 Meeting Schedule
October 23
November 6
November 20
December 4

It’s not too late to participate, so please join us for the remaining fall meetings and upcoming events.

Have a great semester!

Jacy Bell
SLA President
LSO Vice President/Treasurer

To view our constitution, join the SLA listserv, and for more information about our club, please go to our website: http://sirls.arizona.edu/SLA.

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